Hiho Silver: Jewellery for a True Equestrian

23rd May 2022

Based in an old piggery on a farm in the Blackdown Hills in Somerset, Hiho’s roots are in the heart of country living. Constantly growing and evolving, the brand has a true passion for what it does; “We live in the country, we love the country and that’s why you’ll always see a touch of country style in all our designs”. Hiho’s designs are made in both Mexico and the UK, which is also where they source their talented designers and craftspeople.

Founded over 25 years ago, Hiho’s aim is to create products that can be worn with dirty wellies on the farm, or posh frocks at the races! Hiho Silver has always had strong roots in the equestrian community. A key member of the equestrian circuit, Hiho is proud to attend events such as Badminton Horse Trials. Hiho’s equestrian collection is designed to keep up with the demands of a true equestrian, whilst still looking beautiful. The collection features a variety of designs, from shapes such as whips, farrier’s nails, horseshoes, and snaffles. The snaffle products within the collection, are some of the brand’s best sellers, especially the Exclusive Cherry Roller Collection, which they aim to continue to grow in the future. 

“We live in the country, we love the country and that’s why you’ll always see a touch of country style in all our designs”.

Our Hiho Favourites


Sterling Silver Stirrup Earrings

For those of you that love horses, these solid sterling silver stirrup earrings are a wonderful gift for a special person. Entirely handmade and with exquisite stirrup detail, these are bound to be a sure winner for any horse lover. So, whether a treat for yourself or a gift, you cannot go wrong.


Exclusive Sterling Silver Cherry Roller Snaffle Earrings

There is nothing not to love about these earrings! They are dangly but without too much dangle. They are horsey, but would pass muster with non-horsey friends, they are wonderfully comfortable to wear and oh yes… they look fabulous. They are the favourite pair of earrings of Mrs Hiho, who is now rarely seen without them in her ears, (unless she is wearing a pair of pearl studs – her only other earrings of choice!).


Sterling Silver Horseshoe Studs

These hand-cast solid sterling silver Horseshoe studs are a must have for all equestrian lovers. They are perfect for everyday wear, and might give a bit of extra luck in the show jumping or dressage ring… you never know!


Exclusive Sterling Silver Pheasant Studs

Paying homage to the long-tailed gamebird, which when you look at the humble Pheasant it really is a beautiful bird with its coat of many colours. Our Silversmith has captured the Pheasant so beautifully with all the detail of the many hundred’s of feathers, which brings these beautiful earrings alive. The post, with its butterfly back, sits in the centre of the wings hidden at the back, so when you pop these into the ears, the tail will trail beautifully below the ear lobe.



Sterling Silver Snaffle Pendant on Fine Trace Chain

Our classic snaffle design silver pendant is a beautiful and accurate hand cast piece of sterling silver that is made to move like a real bit and is a great looking addition to any silver chain. This pendant, either on its own or combined with any of the matching designs looks stylish and subtle and is a superb gift for yourself or anyone who loves horses.


Sterling Silver Fob Necklace with Equestrian Charms

There are few things that sum up a love of horses more than a riding boot, hat and stirrup. Each charm is hand cast in solid sterling silver and then hung on a stunning round link chain. This necklace has been a Hiho classic equestrian best seller for decades and perfectly encapsulates a love of all things equine, making this the perfect necklace for horse lovers of any age.


Exclusive Sterling Silver Double Chained Snaffle Heart Necklace

Using a brand-new snaffle design strung on two strong silver chains, with the centre as a heart, this is the best way we know to tell someone obsessed by our four-legged friends, that you love them!


Exclusive Hammered Sterling Silver Pheasant Necklace

Hiho’s customers have been asking for years for more country jewellery, so here is a pheasant necklace, hammered to mimic the texture of feathers, standing tall and proud and set with silver rings so that the necklace will sit flat on the neck and catch the light with every movement.



Exclusive Sterling Silver Snaffle Leather Bracelet

Hiho is proud to bring you this unique silver snaffle leather bracelet. Hand finished in the UK, this stylish and country-cool bracelet not only looks amazing but can be worn whilst riding, walking the dogs or even mucking out! Invented whilst Hiho were at Burgie horse trials and launched at Burghley, where it was a best seller, this super durable leather bracelet with a steel clasp and a silver snaffle bit as its centre piece makes the perfect present to any horse loving wearer of jewellery.



Sterling Silver Fob Bracelet with Equestrian Charms

This equestrian charm fob bracelet has been an integral part of our Hiho’s equestrian best sellers for years and remains popular among all ages. The three hand cast silver charms, a riding hat, boot, and stirrup are securely fastened to one end of the T-bar clasp. The charms embody a love of all things equine. Feel free to add further charms to the bracelet to make it unique to you. The matching necklace makes the perfect set for horse lovers everywhere.


Exclusive Sterling Silver Foxy Roller Bangle (20cm)

Hiho’s Exclusive Foxy Roller is the next incarnation of the Cherry Roller bangle. Created by hand in the U.K., the hand sculpted fox’s mask and brush stay still on the bracelet while the three central beads for the body can roll and be played with.


Exclusive Sterling Silver Riding Whip Bangle

This is a truly beautiful bracelet, designed by Hiho, where the work in the detail of the whip, which sits atop a sterling silver clip bangle, is an example of true craftsmanship by the silversmiths. It is difficult for a photo to do this bracelet justice.  Very cleverly the head of the whip comes out of a loop so you can slip it on your wrist and then close again to keep it secure on the wrist.



Sterling Silver Detailed Snaffle Ring

This is a version of the snaffle ring which has the silver band decorated with stitch holes as if it were leather reins coming from each side of the bit. Ideal for horse lovers, take a look at Hiho’s many snaffle designs for further inspiration. 


Horseshoe Brooch

A hand cast solid sterling silver brooch that looks equally as good on a coat, a tie, or a stock. This new sterling silver horseshoe has been firsthand carved in wax and then made into this stunning and practical pin.