Ruffords Country Store would like to introduce ‘HOLEBROOK SWEDEN’

Ruffords Country Store are excited to introduce a longstanding, high quality and well respected brand into the Store! ‘HOLEBROOK SWEDEN‘ has been launched into Ruffords Country Store in March 2020! We feel that the brand brings premium, timeless garments that are of the highest of quality. The Spring / Summer Collection that you will find within […]

BLACK FRIDAY – The Man, The Myth, The Legend…or is it?

Here at Rufford’s Country Store we have recently celebrated our first-year anniversary, therefore approaching our second year in the business of the big Black Friday event. Last year we decided as an independent retailer not to partake in the event and this year we have reached the same decision, here is why… Black Friday originated […]

R.M.Williams – Crafting Quality

Over nine decades of existence, R.M.Williams has become one the best loved footwear brands in the world. Originally created for the men and women of the rugged Austrailian outback their iconic one-piece leather boots have graced the feet of millions of people including some of the most famous on the planet. Most recently Hugh Jackman […]

Rural crime on the rise

With more than half a dozen quad bikes stolen in the last month within a 10-mile radius of our little country store, it is sad to see rural crime on the rise. As our partner company, Clarke and Pulman, hears from our long-standing customers the sadness and frustration of having machinery stolen we ask ourselves […]

Clare Haggas does it again!

Following the success of her ladies’ silk scarf collection Clare Haggas Fine Art and Designs has been inspired to create something just as unique for the gentlemen. Previously Clare Shaw Fine Art and Designs, Clare renamed her business to her partners name when she got married last year. In 2018 she created a line of […]

Quintessentially British

Here at Rufford’s the arrival of the very sought after Fairax and Favour quality stylish boots and handbags has been extremely well received. Fairfax and Favor was started by two friends from Norfolk. Visiting Spain, their mission was to create luxury leather and suede goods of the highest level of comfort and quality, in a […]