5 Essential Style Habits for 2023

5th January 2023

Here at Rufford’s, we’re all about quality, timeless country clothing that lasts season after season. Saying that, we always think that January presents a great opportunity for reassessing our wardrobes, refreshing dress habits and setting intentions for the new year ahead.

Having a good old clear out works wonders, but if you’d rather wait ‘til spring for a bigger overhaul, there are still several smaller things you can do now to make sure you’re looking your absolute best stylish self in 2023.

1. What’s Your Colour Palette?

The goal is to be able to mix and match clothing items seamlessly. With this in mind, it pays to base your wardrobe on several key neutrals.

Black, navy, camel, chocolate and white are classic colours and perfect for staples such as jeans, long-sleeve tops, shirts and blazers. You can then build upon quality basics by adding pieces more targeted to flatter your own personal colouring.

Holland Cooper

Belgravia Cable Knit - Camel


R M Williams

Loxton Jeans - Indigo Rinse


2. Resolution #1: Doesn’t fit right? Lose it!

You know that sweater that’s just a bit short and those trousers you know aren’t particularly flattering, or that too-tight fitting bra? The new year is an ideal time to take stock of what you’ve already got, and identify those more obvious items that definitely need to go.

Have a little try-on session, be brutally honest and resolve to only buy things that really work for – not against – your figure this year (your real figure – not the dream version we all hanker for!).

3. Give it Some TLC

While you’re rooting around in there, remove anything in need of attention. Missing buttons, loose threads, pilling and bobbling and creases do not a pretty wardrobe make. Tend to any defects, handwash those garments you’ve been meaning to see to and give things a good press.

Sometimes favourite, well-worn items are just beyond redemption, so let go and take them to a local textile recycling point (it helps to know they’re not just going to die).

You’ll feel so much better about your clothing collection if everything is ironed and in tip-top, ready-to-wear shape.

4. Resolution #2: Buy Less, Buy Better

One in, one out is a great clothing mantra. It also helps you shop more selectively when you know something is going to have to go to make way for something new. As well as the environmental and social impacts of buying cheap throwaway fashion (more often than not produced in sweatshop conditions), it invariably ends up as unwanted wardrobe clutter.

Investing in a well-made coat, bag or outfit means you’re far more likely to take care of it, and you get much more wears for your pound, in the long term.

Since 1894, all of Barbour’s classic waxed jackets have been, and continue to be, made in England. Holland and Cooper make its tweed and tailoring pieces in East London, while cashmere and wool garments are produced in Scotland and Yorkshire.

With much of their footwear manufactured in Portugal, British brand Fairfax & Favor actively support and champion Portuguese craftsmanship – so you can be sure your favourite boots not only look and feel beautiful, but are also not a product of the uglier side of fashion.

5. Resolution #3: Buy for Your Lifestyle

We’re all guilty of purchasing something on holiday that, once back in the UK, is never to be seen again. This sort of ‘fantasy life’ shopping can also arise at home too, when we fall for nice but impractical items we hardly wear.

Think simple, stylish and supremely comfortable and you can rarely go wrong. At Rufford’s Country Lifestyle in Garstang, our retail director Rebecca sources quality, functional clothing, footwear and accessories with flair, not fuss.

Whether it’s a practical pair of R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman Boots for him in sumptuous suede, a supremely soft Holland Cooper Seattle Cable Knit for her or a luxurious silk scarf by Clare Haggas, our collection is chosen to be comfortable yet chic day after day.

Put your best fashion foot forward and have a very happy, healthy and successful 2023!


The Rufford’s Team x